Best New Restaurants in America Watch: La Vara (Brooklyn)

La Vara (Facebook)
268 Clinton Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Cobble Hill Neighborhood
(718) 422-0065
Spanish/Jewish (Owners Alex Raij and Eder Montero)

  • Jay Cheshes (Time Out):
    “Seafood fideua—the super-savory vermicelli paella often featured at El Quinto Pino—may be La Vara’s real standout dish, studded with plump shrimp, clams and baby squid, with a great garlicky slick of aioli on top.”
  • Adam Platt (NY Magazine)
    “In the grand tapas (and Brooklyn) tradition, you can make a feast at La Vara for what it costs to buy a round of cocktails at some of the swanker restaurants across the river.”
  • Tejal Rao (Village Voice):
    “But once word gets out about La Vara’s compelling cooking and reasonable prices, food lovers will be commuting here for dinner.”
  • Ryan Sutton (Bloomberg):
    “It’s a fatty, offal-filled exploration of Spanish food, with a strong hat tip given to the Moorish and Sephardic experience in Iberia.”
  • Pete Wells (NY Times):
    “With La Vara, Ms. Raij and Mr. Montero are exploring new territory, the vast legacy of the Jews and Muslims who shared the Iberian Peninsula with Christians for centuries.”
  • Kara Zuaro (The L Magazine):
    “5 Stars…La Vara’s decor may develop with time, but we recommend sampling Raij’s impeccable cooking now, before this undercover spot gets swamped.”

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